Q: Why was Rosebud Senior Services begun?

A: YOU are why we exist! As a resident, we are committed to providing you exception personal care that focuses on your quality of life and personal dignity! For resident’s families, we exist to partner with you to provide quality care; for a reasonable price; in a Faith-based organization.

Q: What do you mean by “Faith-based organization”?

A: We believe that EVERYONE is a special and unique creation of God and that we are called to minister to each resident’s care needs with tender, loving hands! The owner of the company, Dr. David Myers, is an ordained minister and he personally conducts a worship time in each facility, for all the residents, each Sunday morning.

Q: How does Rosebud Senior Services partner with residents to provide the very best in personal care.

A: Rosebud Senior Services is the ONLY, privately owned, Senior Housing company in Montgomery County that offers a Complete Continuum of Care to residents from complete Independent Living to Aging in Place and Hospice Care. In addition, all Team Members must pass a criminal background check, a complete health screening, and participate in Continuing Education throughout the year. All Team Members recognize that it is more than just a job or paycheck, rather, it is a higher calling to reach out in love and tenderness to improve the quality of life of our residents!

Q: Does Rosebud Senior Services offer any Alzheimer’s or Dementia care?

A: Yes, our licensed, Type B, Assisted Living — Serenity Manor Assisted Living — is a residential, care home that accepts residents diagnosed with dementia, including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Vascular dementia.

Q: What is a residential care home Assisted Living?

A: Unlike the Wall Street owned facilities, a residential care home is intended to be like a resident’s own home. It features:
Personal Private bedrooms, rather than impersonal apartments;
Home cooked meals in a home style kitchen that appeal to the resident’s appetite, rather than some fancy chef prepared meal that looks good in a magazine, but tastes awful;
Family style dining, rather than a huge dining room where no one even knows or speaks to each other!
Lots of family involvement and interaction, rather than a big, institutional building that is cold and impersonal, and looks like a Motel 6!
Managers who live on-site with residents!
Staff who personally knows each resident and their needs and preferences and takes ownership of providing the best care possible!

Q: How does Rosebud Senior Services partner with families to help with the cost of care?

A: First of all, we do NOT automatically increase your rent bi-annually or annually, like the large Wall Street Companies/Facilities do. Secondly, our rent prices include all the personal care your loved one needs. We do NOT have ‘care charges” like the Wall Street Companies do, charging for each little care service they provide, thus increasing your cost dramatically!

Q: What makes Rosebud Senior Services so unique?

A: It is that PERSONAL TOUCH and exceptional CARE we provide that sets us apart! That has been recognized at Serenity Manor Assisted Living by its being named the finest Assisted Living in Conroe for each of the past 3 years!